Important Dates & Fees

Important Dates & Fees

Registration for the 2017 CBNC Examination opened on Thursday, June 1, 2017.

Examinations Testing Window (Certification & Recertification)
Monday, November 27, 2017 - Friday, December 15, 2017.

Application Deadlines & Fees:


Regular Friday, August 4, 2017* $995
Late Friday, October 6, 2017* $1,195
Final (13th Hour) Monday, October 16, 2017* $2,100


Regular Friday, September 1, 2017* $725
Late Friday, October 6, 2017* $925
Final (13th Hour) Monday, October 16, 2017* $1,500


*Applications must be submitted by 11:59 pm Eastern Time on the date listed above to receive that fee. The application window will close at 11:59 pm Eastern Time on October 16, 2017. No exceptions.

Applicants applying for the Certification exam must have completed all of the training for Level 2 and be able to document it at the time of application.  This is inclusive of the 80 HR course as it is a component of Level 2.  Fee is contingent on date of completion of training and submission of application.  Please see below as well for information regarding incorrect or missing documentation fee.

Individuals who missed the Regular and Late deadlines can still get their applications in for the 13th hour deadline (Final). Applications must be submitted no later than October 16, 2017.

$50 Multi-Modality Discount
Individuals who are current Diplomates of the Certification Board of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (CBCCT) or who have passed the CBCCT exam and hold Testamur status are eligible for a $50 discount.         

Withdrawal/Cancellation Deadline
To cancel participation in the 2017 exam you must FIRST cancel your scheduled appointment with Pearson VUE and then notify CBNC of your intent to cancel in writing (with signature) by Friday, November 17, 2017.  If your request is received by that date, you are entitled to a $795 (certification) and $525 (recertification) refund.  For individuals who received the $50 multi-modality discount, the refunds will be $745 and $475 respectively.  All other fees are not refundable.

Candidates who cancel their appointment with Pearson VUE but do not request a refund in writing (with signature) from CBNC by November 17, 2017 will forfeit all refunds and fees.  Scan your SIGNED cancellation request, include it as an attachment and email it to  Alternatively, you may fax your SIGNED cancellation request to 301-424-0875. There may be a cancellation fee for appointments cancelled less than thirty (30) days of examination. 

Incomplete Application Fee: A $75 resubmission fee will be required for applications submitted without all required and correct documentation. Candidates are cautioned to carefully READ and FOLLOW the application instructions and include all the required and correct documentation to support the application.

2017 Examination Information

Beginning in 2017 the CBCCT Examination will be administered by Pearson VUE