Certification Board Of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography


Dear Cardiac CT Trainees and Professionals:

A fundamental goal of every professional or academic institution is to improve in areas of competence, quality and effectiveness; and credentialing facilitates achievement of this goal. Certification provides a mechanism to demonstrate training and/or experience and an established standard of knowledge in accordance with practice guidelines.

The CBCCT certification program in cardiovascular CT validates expertise and knowledge in the field of cardiovascular CT.  Medical licensure assures minimal competency to diagnose and treat: certification in cardiovascular CT indicates mastery of a defined body of knowledge.  Still, given the time and cost, why certify?  Because certification matters.  It matters to patients whose care is provided by certified physicians and other professionals; to employers who staff hospitals, practices and facilities with qualified and experienced practitioners. It matters to referring physicians who understand what your certification represents, and it matters to peers who recognize the effort and knowledge required to achieve certification. Most importantly, it matters to you!   As a physician who attains certification you can be confident that your skills have met the benchmark of quality.  Certification is a recognized credential of excellence.  Certification also demonstrates your commitment to providing quality healthcare.  Now is the time to Get Certified!


Milind Desai, MD Todd Villines, MD
AOT Chair AOT Vice-Chair