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General Questions about cardiovascular CT, certification and CBCCT

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General Questions about cardiovascular CT, certification and CBCCT

What is Cardiovascular Computed Tomography?

From the ACCF COCATS Guidelines for Training in Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging (Computed Tomography), 2006:
Computed tomography (CT) is one of the most rapidly evolving techniques for assessing cardiovascular anatomy. The complex nature of the imaging devices and anatomy as well as the rapidly advancing uses of these modalities requires the trainee to be introduced to this modality. Clinical application of CT encompasses non-contrast (coronary calcium evaluation), contrast (CT angiography and function), and hybrid studies (combining nuclear cardiac scanning with CT). Computed tomography, like invasive catheterization, provides information concerning cardiovascular anatomy and function (i.e., ejection fraction).

What is certification and what is its purpose?

Certification provides practice-based standards against which members of the profession can be assessed. The purposes of the CBCCT Certification Program are as follows:

  • to establish the domain of the practice of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography for certification;
  • to assess the level of knowledge demonstrated by Cardiovascular Computed Tomography specialists in a valid manner;
  • to encourage professional growth in, and enhance the quality of, the practice of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography;
  • to recognize formally individuals who meet the requirements set by CBCCT; and
  • to serve the public by encouraging quality patient care in the practice of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography.

What is the address of the CBCCT?

1401 Rockville Pike, Suite 600
Rockville, MD 20852

USA Telelephone: +240.631.8151
Fax: +301.424.0875
Email: CBCCT@apca.org


How should I notify CBCCT of an address change?

An address change can be done by login to your CBCCT online account or by creating a CBCCT online account. Alternatively, you may scan your SIGNED request and include it as an attachment and email to CBCCT@apca.org or fax it to 301.424.0875. Candidates are requested to include change in phone, fax, cell/mobile and email address as well. Candidates should inform CBCCT of address changes so that important correspondence is received at the correct address. Diplomates [those who have passed the CBCCT examination] should inform CBCCT of address changes so the Verify Certification database lists Diplomates in the correct location.


Questions on applying to sit for the examinations:

How can I get a copy of the application?

The application can only be obtained online by creating an online account and applying online.  Prior to applying we encourage all applicants to:

  • Read the appropriate Certification or Recertification CBCCT Candidate Bulletin for eligibility requirements
  • Gather and scan all required supporting documentation in preparation to upload with your application.

A fee of $75 will be assessed for missing or incorrect supporting documentation.

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What is the eligibility criteria to sit for the CBCCT examination?

In general, the eligibility criteria include the following:

  • Current Medical License
  • Current Board Certification in Cardiology, Nuclear Medicine or Radiology
  • Training/Experience in the Provision of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (e.g. Level 2/3 or ACR Practice Guidelines)
    • If Cardiovascular CT training was completed more than 36 months from application then an additional 150 contrast cardiac CT examinations are required. 
  • Continuing Medical Education

Specifics on eligibility can be found here and in the Candidate Bulletin.

Can I apply online?

Yes. Effective 2016, CBCCT will only accept online applications. You can apply online by first creating yourself an online account.

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Can I fax in my application?

No, CBCCT must have the original documents, or received electronically with your online application form.

When is the application deadline for the certification examination?

The CBCCT examination is given once a year in late summer/early fall. The dates and deadlines for the current years examination can be found here. Applications and supporting documents must be submitted online by the deadline. The late application deadline carries a $200 late application fee. If applications are not submitted by the deadlines, you will not be eligible to sit for the examination in the current year.

What are the fees to sit for the examinations?

The application fees for the  Certification and Recertification examination can be found here. We accept Master Card, VISA, AMEX and Discover credit cards.


I see verification documents are required with my application. What exactly must be included?

Please visit the Eligibility section of the CBCCT site for details on submission requirements. We have also developed template letters to be used by Program Directors to verify training and maintenance of competency, which can be found here.

I will not meet all the eligibility criteria by the application deadline, but plan to complete them by the time of the examination. May I still apply?

No. All eligibility criteria must be met at the time of application. Applications with any missing or incorrect materials will be considered incomplete and the applicant will be subject to a resubmission fee.  In no instance will we accept an application from an applicant who has not completed Level 2 training or the ACR equivalent in Cardiovascular Computed Tomography.

I missed the final deadline for applying... can I apply late?

No.  The online application program will close at 11:59 PM Eastern Time on July 25th and individuals will no longer be able to apply after that time.

When will CBCCT Staff contact me after I have submitted my application?

Application status can be viewed at any time by logging in to you CBCCT account and clicking on "Submit an Application"

SUBMITTED: Once you submit payment, you will have the opportunity to print your receipt. Each receipt contains a date stamp at the bottom - this is your confirmation that your application has been received by our system and your Application Status will change to SUBMITTED.

PENDING REVIEW: CBNC staff will then import your application and it will be put in queue to be reviewed. You will receive an automated email, entitled Application Received, notifying  you that the review process has begun and your Application Status will change to PENDING REVIEW.

Application review occurs each business day during business hours. Please be aware that applications submitted outside of business hours will not receive the automated email until the next business day. During high volume submission times, i.e. near a deadline, it may take up to two business days for your status to update from SUBMITTED to PENDING REVIEW.

If your application is complete and you meet all the eligibility criteria, you will receive an Examination Confirmation Letter (ECL) email. This email will contain your Certification Number and information about how to schedule an examination appointment with Pearson VUE.

If your application is incomplete or any part is incorrect, the CBCCT office will notify you of what is needed. We encourage applicants to provide an active email address so that we can contact you quickly with what is required to complete your application. It is the responsibility of the candidate to obtain or correct any outstanding or incorrect materials and submit them to the CBCCT office in a timely manner, i.e. five (5) business days. Applications with missing or incorrect documentation will be subject to a $75 resubmission fee before they are deemed eligible. CBCCT reserves the right to return incomplete applications and withdraw the Applicant as of the final withdrawal date.

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How long does it take for application review?

Staff reviews applications as expeditiously as possible and in the order received.  Please allow at least 7-10 business days for correspondence from CBCCT staff regarding your application status. Applications submitted on or near application deadlines, due to an increase in submission volume, may require more than 10 business days to review.

Once Applicants with incorrect or incomplete applications have been contacted, via email, and informed of the changes required to approve their application, their application will be put back in the review queue.  Therefore, it is to the Applicant's advantage to make sure the application is complete and correct prior to submission. 

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Questions on the examination

When will the examination be held?

The CBCCT examination dates can be found here.  Prospective candidates must apply directly to CBCCT and once deemed eligible, will receive an email confirmation of their approval to sit for the examination. This email will contain their Certification Number and information about how to schedule an examination appointment with Pearson VUE.

Where will the examination be held?

Beginning in 2017 the CBCCT examination will be administered by Pearson VUE test centers in the U.S. and internationally. 

What happens after I am approved to sit for the examination?

Approved Candidates will be able to schedule their examination appointments as soon as they receive confirmation that their application has been approved.  To obtain your preferred examination location and date, you are encouraged to schedule your examination appointment as soon as you receive the Examination Confirmation Letter (ECL) email containing the eligibility information necessary to schedule your CBCCT examination appointment with Pearson VUE.  This ECL will include your examination Certification Number and links to the Examination Scheduling and Cancellation Guidelines or ADA Scheduling and Cancellation Guidelines and CBCCT Tutorial. You will need your examination Certification Number exactly as it appears in the email to schedule your examination with Pearson VUE at www.pearsonvue.com/apca.  

How should I prepare for the examination?

The examination Content Outline provides a breakdown of the content areas on the examination and percentage of questions in each of those areas. These may be helpful in helping you decide what particular area you need to focus.

What courses does the CBCCT recommend for preparation for the examination?

The CBCCT does not endorse or recommend particular courses. 

Does the CBCCT examination carry CME credit?

No. CBCCT is not an ACCME-accredited sponsor of CME credit.

What do I need to be admitted to the Pearson VUE test center? 

Candidates are required to present ONE form of identification to be admitted to the testing center. The identification MUST be a non-expired government-issued ID bearing your name, current photograph and signature (e.g., driver’s license or passport). If you do not have the required form of identification you will not be admitted to the test center. No exceptions to this requirement will be made. It is the Candidate’s responsibility to ensure that the first and last name on the application EXACTLY MATCH the first and last name on the current valid signature ID.


If you are testing outside of your country of citizenship, you must present a valid passport or some other form of non-expired government-issued ID bearing your name, current photograph and signature. If you are testing within your country of citizenship, you must present either a valid passport, driver’s license, national ID or military ID bearing your name, current photograph and signature. See the APCA ID webpage for details. 

What am I permitted to bring to the test center?

Please come to the test center with the bare minimum.  A small locker is provided for your use. No calculators, electronic devices (e.g. cell phone, beeper, Blackberry, iPhone, iPod touch, etc) or books or papers of any kind are allowed in the testing room. The testing vendor will provide scratch paper or a small white board which and will be collected at the end of the examination. There are no scheduled breaks but candidates may take a restroom and or snack break as needed. Notes may not be taken from the test room, nor may notes be retrieved and reviewed from a locker during a break. Candidates should also not use their electronic devices for any reason, nor should they leave the testing center during breaks. No additional testing time is added for unscheduled breaks. Pearson VUE Test Administrators (TA) will supervise the administration of the examination and candidates may be video and/or audio taped to maintain the strictest security throughout the testing period.  Any action that is a violation of testing policies may result in disciplinary action according to APCA Compliance policies and procedures.

If I'm late for the examination, will I be permitted to sit?

Candidates MUST arrive at the Pearson VUE test center 30 minutes prior to the starting time of their appointment to allow ample time for check-in and storage of personal belongings.  Candidates arriving more than 15 minutes after the examination appointment time may not be permitted to sit for the examination at the discretion of CBCCT’s test vendor, Pearson VUE.  

I was not able to sit for the examination but I didn't inform CBCCT before the examination that I needed to cancel. Can I get a refund of my application fee?

If you do not cancel a scheduled examination appointment by the Withdrawl/Cancellation Deadline date or for any reason you do not appear at the testing center for your scheduled appointment, you will forfeit all fees paid and no refund will be provided. The dates and deadlines for the current years examination can be found here

When will I receive my scores for the examination?  

Approximately 10 weeks after the close of the examination window, candidates will receive a letter, via U.S. Postal mail, indicating whether the candidate passed or failed. All Candidates will also receive a diagnostic report showing performance in each content area. These documents cannot be faxed and scores cannot be given over the phone or by email.

Why does it take so long to get my test results since they are computer graded?

A very complex reivew of every test items occurs after the examinations are scored.  Questions are discarded if they do not meet predefined performance criteria. If statistical evaluation raises a concern about the validity of a question (for example, if a large number of people consistently answer with a different response), then these questions are individually reviewed again to make sure they are accurate. When inaccuracies are identified, these questions may be re-scored or discarded. For these reasons, the entire score process takes approximately 10 weeks.

I failed the examination. Can the CBCCT hold my application for next year?

CBCCT cannot hold applications from one year to the next due to the fact that Eligibility requirements can and do change.  To reapply, applicants must meet the eligibility requirements in place at time of application as well as provide a new application and all required supporting documentation.


Questions on Certification Status

I am in the credentialing process in my institution and the Board needs verification of my certification status. I can't find my certificate, so what should I do?

The CBCCT offers a Verify Certification tab on the Home page which is a searchable database  click here.   CBCCT can also provide replacement certificates up until 6 months following the examination at no cost.  After that time, a fee of $20 is required to produce a replacement certificate.

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Does CBCCT provide verbal verification of certification status?

Yes.  You may contact the CBCCT office at +240.631.8151.

Does the CBCCT provide written verification of certification status?

Yes. You may contact the CBCCT office at +240.631.8151 and staff will be happy to fax or mail verification of certification status on corporate letterhead. Requestors must allow 24 hours to complete the request.



How long is my certification period?

The CBCCT certification period is 10 years.